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James W Johnson: Thirty Arty Years

(Pieces included in 2009 LHUCA Exhibition)

NOTE - Many of these links may not work. You'll have to browse the galleries to find them. Sorry..

"My head is a raisin."
Oil on canvas, 2009

"Suburban Tarpit"
Oil on paper, 2009

"'I'm going to eat you.' 'No you're not.'"
Oil/acrylic on canvas, 2009

"Raining Carrots"
Oil/acrylic on paper, 2009

Oil/acrylic on hardboard, 2009
with Erika Pochybova-Johnson

"Walking the Dog"
Oil/acrylic on canvas, 2008

"Tenuous Still-Life #2"
Oil on hardboard, 2007

"An Old Goat"
Wood/plaster/paint, 2008

A Trophied Artist
Wood/paint, 2008

"I.E.D. #2"
Acrylic on paper, 2007

"Paint #01"
Enamel on hardboard, 2005

"Paint #09"
Oil on hardboard, 2008
James W Johnson

"Paint #10"
Oil on hardboard, 2008

"Paint #11"
Oil/acrylic on hardboard, 2008

"Paint #12"
Oil/acrylic on hardboard, 2008

"Paint #13"
Oil/acrylic on hardboard, 2008

"Paint #14"
Oil on hardboard, 2009

"Paint #15"
Oil/acrylic on hardboard, 2009

"Global Warming"
Oil/metal on hardboard, 2007

Oil/acrylic on hardboard, 2006

Oil/acrylic on hardboard, 2006

"Red Dress"
Oil/acrylic on paper

"One Bit Careful"
Acrylic on wood

"Precious Metal"
Metal/acrylic/wood, 2007

"In God We Trust"
Coins, 2006

Oil/acrylic on paper, 2003

Oil on canvas, 2003

"Falling Apart"
Oil on hardboard, 2004

Anti-Stylist's Art History #3
Oil on Lightjet print, 2002

Contemplating the blank page
Oil on canvas, 2002

Oil/acrylic on paper, 2002


Trophies from Nature: Bitten Apple
Apple/wood, 2004-2009

Trophies from Nature: Frog
Frog/wood, 1999

Trophies from Nature: Banana
Banana/wood, 1997-1999

Trophies from Nature: Biscuit
Biscuit/wood, 1999

Trophies from Nature: Stick
Wood, 1998

Trophies from Nature: Tumbleweed Root
Tumbleweed/wood, 2003

Trophies from Nature: Shell
Shell/wood, 2003

Trophies from Nature: Stone from Erika
Apple/wood, 2003

Trophies from Nature: Driftwood
Wood, 2003

Trophies from Nature: Orange
Orange/wood, 1997-1998

Trophies from Nature: My Pears
Pears/wood, 2001-2003

Trophies from Nature: Pumpkin
Pumpkin/wood, 1997-1998

Trophies from Nature: Grapefruit
Grapefruit/wood, 1997-1998

Trophies from Nature: Cherry
Cherry/wood, 1998

Trophies from Nature: Seedpods
Seedpods/wood, 1999

Wood, 1973-2003

"Angry Christ"
Wood/mixed, 1987-2003

"Angry Little Man"
Wood/paint, 2003

"Mean Missy"
Wood/paint, 1993

Oil/acrylic on paper, 2001

Oil/acrylic on wood, 2001

Partiers #1
Lightjet print, 2002

"Alien in West Texas"
Oil on canvas, 1999

"Man with a lollipop"
Mixed on hardboard, 2000

Oil/acrylic on wood, 2000

Oil/acrylic on wood, 2000, N.F.S.
James W Johnson

"Human-Nature #39"
Oil on canvas, 2000

Dog-Nature #9
Oil on paper, 1999

Machka 2001
Oil on canvas, 2001

A regular
Mixed on paper, 1998

A bed of moss
Mixed/photo, 1998

"Dolly in Dali-land"
Oil, 2003

"Erika in a fog"
Oil on canvas, 1999

"Woman of Woe"
Oil on canvas, 1995

"Dork in the road"
Oil on canvas, 1997

You smell good
Mixed on paper, 1997
"Human-Alley #1"
Oil on canvas, 1998

"Benched Woman #1"
Oil on canvas, 1996
"Taking the Bait"
Mixed on paper, 1993

Whistler's Mother with syrup and raisins
Mixed on paper, 1993

"The Secret of Happiness"
Mixed media, 1992

"The enormous shadow"
Mixed media, 1994

"Tickets to the Devil"
Mixed media, 1993

"Ghost Light"
Mixed media, 1995

"Playing for time"
Oil/photo, 1995

Ground me
Oil/wood, 1994

"Act Your Age"
Oil on canvas, 1994

"Will-Powered Woman"
Oil on canvas, 1992

"The Death of Blue-Angela"
Oil on canvas, 1991

Mixed on Paper, 1990

Life Breeds Death
Oil/acrylic on canvas, 1991

Cure for Intelligence
Oil/wood, 1991

Future of the Faces
Oil on canvas, 1987

Still-life in Spanish
Oil on canvas, 1986

Oil on canvas, 1987

"Golden Rule #6"
Oil/collage on canvas, 1985

"I looked death in the face…"
Oil on canvas, 1986

Star Trek: Me and Spock
Mixed on paper, 1985

"Growing Up"
4 hand-tinted etchings, 1981

"Show me"
Etching, 1980, $125
James W Johnson

Wood/oil/mixed, 1987
Wood/oil/mixed, 1987

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