a regular

	a regular

I need..."
	a fleck of dust
	a second or two
	a little more
	a few details
	a thousand pardons
	an imposing figure
	a big thing
	an equation
	an expression
	a bootleg solution
	a threat to reason
	a pragmatic knowledge
	a responsible position
	a superficial degree
	a proof
	a matter of fact
	a hoax from the start
	a stick
	a rather new branch
	an oak
	a stub pencil
	a lead
	a piece of paper
	an alliance
	a common mood
	an identity
	a suggestion
	a decision
	an attempt
	a venture
	a target
	a scene
	a perfect replica
	an accident?
	a mixup
	a crime
	a direct violation
	a bit of sport
	a mild hallucinogen
	an embarrassing excess
	a place of melting shapes
	a rising sensation
	a mountain slope
	a half step closer...

	a single window
	an effective opening
	a suitable host
	a light suitcase
	a quick rattle
	a shower of sparks
		a singular white
		a reversed world
		a knowing smile
			a quiet dignity.

mixed on paper, 28" x 20", 1998


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