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Did I do wrong?

Heavy clouds broke
a projected glass
of unsettling unvaried
rhythm raining harshly,
apprehensibly patterned rain
on a bald window head
with unintelligible persistence
purposely inferior to
the considerably higher.
The sole occupant
of a distinguished building,
Consequential logic
systematically resulted in the absense
of all evidential efforts.

I did not volunteer excuses,
confining myself to refuting
direct allegations of

Did I do wrong?
I don't suppose so.

The smooth operator dared
in his report
to say

I did do all that I could do

That gray-haired man
played the part of

He lacks a strong developed sense
of inevitable hazard
occupationally apprehensive.
Dowm-cast-ed-ly dis-cor-dant.

I spatter his feet with unconscious omissions!
Deceptively vulnerable,
I sought traps.
Traps of incriminatory evasiveness,
strong enough to answer in a bad moment
what apparently had been accepted.

That was a cardinal mistake.
A flagrant violation of his

Don't slacken my sense!

I will not answer to the faint
suffusion of anger.
Batter that face of a man at a desk.
I poise precariouly
prepared to dart at the hefty moment
of slashing traffic,
imperviously protected
by years of conviction.
I feel insidiously threatened.
No apology necessary
for being late.
I attempt no attempt to follow.
I've grown accustomed to the contradictions
in conversations.
I close my mind unquestionably,
abandoning virtually every place
present and past.

Did I do wrong?


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