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Available 1990's ART with Text

3 o'clock
A miracle
A regular
bottle cap
broken glass
Bullet Wound
But what do you think?
Can they overtake us?
Cast stone
Chicken of fish, dear?
closed curtains
Cold storage tank
Control valve
Crunchy ground
Depth of field
Diving Belle
Dry fish
Extension cage
Glass blocks
God paints the prettiest sunsets
Have you been paid yet?
He loves me
He used to be
He's down there alright
He's gone into one of those
I heard a poet yesterday
I'll wait for you here
In this way
In your skin
Is that a crime?
It's getting late
Keep Out
Love is like...
Maybe I am...
Once pure
Precious memories
Process of elimination
Red and green
Sight savers
Sunk without trace
Sure,we'll make it
Surface tension
The telephone receiver
The usual places
The view
There's a crack coming
They his it somewhere
Tow away zone
Two right feet
Visiting hours
We repaint constantly
We're isolated here
Where was I?
Yes, well you'll do
You can't be sure
You got supper waiting?
You smell good
The last road

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