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Galleries of Selected James W Johnson ART, mostly from around 1996 - 2011.
Many are Unavailable and the others can be found in the Available galleries

The Exhibition at LHUCA
30 pieces from a 2006 exhibition at LHUCA

Some Recent Available Pieces
Various Pieces 2001-2011

Masked-Nature and more
Masked-Nature and more
"Human-Nature" series 1997 - 2007
Human-Nature series
"Dog-Nature" and some cat paintings, 1998-2001
Animal-Nature series 1998-2000

Assorted Commissioned Pieces 1992-2010
Assorted Commissioned pieces

"One-Liners",non-figurative paintings with text
One Liners
Some Recent Unavailable Pieces
Recent Unavailable work 2000-2012
Art with Text 1997 - 2000
Photo-Paintings with Text

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Art from Lubbock, Texas
featuring Great Art, Contemporary Painting and Digital Video by
James W Johnson, the original Anti-Stylist.