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sight savers

		sight savers

As an examination in physics,
	I look back through the years.

	"I ain't blind!"
				I argued

a ponderous question
	continued to play
But the proximity of a wall
	blocked my vision.

I walked to the outer fringe
where the machinery was crude,
	the hammer,
		the boxing gloves,
			the dangerous chemicals.
I kept swinging hard
	to interpret
		the blurs and shadows.
Thought and industry
	hung still in the tool house,
until some shiny spots
	caught my eye.
I had a fix on it
	yet, I suspect
		the weakness of vision.

"Will it be a long time before I can see everything?"

	"Is being able to see a good thing?"

oil, collage on photo, 20" x 28", 1998


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