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extension cage

"Extension cage."

Isn't this a lovely place?

Great herds of intelligent human beings dozed
in a spacious split-level suburban cage,
not asking too many questions.
A calm, docile, peaceful,
sort of life
in individual stalls,
more or less alike,
surrounded by rectangular wrought-iron fencing
and an intricate circlet of pressure points.

Civilized domestic animals
fed with vast amounts of scrambled information.
The clawed hand of an eagle ruled
successfully, as a greenish symbol of security
over the natural extension of Our ancestors,
so distinguished compared to those trapped animals.

	"I must have adapted."

Internal combustion,
neuron by neuron,
mechanical instruments
measuring devices,
a variable condenser,
industrial spigots trickling
invisible chemical fertilizers,
a steel needle penetrating
the life habits of an exhausted lion.

	"I've seen enough."

The final emptiness of glass and concrete armor.
Fruit flies perched on the pungent edge of extinction
apparently imprisoned by a long and happy life.

	"Can we look at something else?"

When the fences were opened,
a taller, more slender monkey
began making tracks.
Frolicking animals throw things
and need no chronicles.

mixed on paper, 20" x 28"