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		bottle cap

feeling natural and universal,
no nearer death than usual,
a bubble of excitement stood
before the shining challenge.
Never again would it be the first time; to no other lips could
the first kiss be given. Already, unconsciously, the process of
experience had begun, grooving the mind for comparison,
memories, disillusionments. But, as he lifted his head, he be-
lieved that this love would last forever and that it would
beget love.

		a detached part of his mind, asked,
	"What are you looking for?"
"I forget." he answered
		drink this,	feel that

It was like kissing a silver-topped flower.
	the light bloomed on their faces
	seeped down into their spirits
	and dropped into the streets,
with choking haste
	into a fugitive stomach,
	fattening the ills of mankind.
	overcome by a case of genuine affection
oil, collage on mounted photo, 20" x 28"


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